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Media Services’ training

Starting Tuesday, August 31st and continuing through Saturday, September 4th, Media Services will be conducting training for all returning student workers. During this time individuals who need assistance are encouraged to call ahead to our office to check on the availability of someone to assist with your need. Or send an email to with […]

Media Services summer office hours

During the summer (June- August), the Media Services Office will be open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.; but will be closed for lunch from 12 p.m.- 1 p.m. If you require assistance outside of the normal office hours, please contact us to set up an appointment. Have a great summer!

Media Services policy change for Faculty and Staff

This is a general announcement that the policy for Check-In and Check-Out times for Faculty and Staff will be changing as of June 1, 2010.  We wanted to give you a heads up so that you have time to prepare for this change. The short version is that currently Faculty and Staff are allowed different […]

Media Services pricing updates

Effective September 1st 2009, the prices for services rendered will be adjusted due to an increase in the cost of materials and shipping. While it pains us to have to do this, certain services such as Lamination have not had a cost adjustment in roughly 15 years, yet the cost of materials have continued to […]

Media Services’ Fall Training Schedule

Prior to the start of each academic year, the Media Services Office conducts training for returning student works and student supervisors. This is done so we can provide the best service to those that we serve with the resources we have available. Given the fact that the Media Services Office is only staffed by one […]

Media Services Networking Update

At this time, a back up switch has been put in place to restore network connectivity to our office. Additional configuration is still needed and should be completed tomorrow, bringing us back to full network capacity. Thank you for for your patience in this matter. We will be following up with any requests that came […]

Media Services Office experiencing network issues

This is a notice that the main computer network switch in the Media Services office is experiencing issues. This does not effect the Virtual Office server as it is not located in the Media Services office, however the staff at Media Services is experiencing erratic and sometimes prolonged network outages that prevent us from connecting […]

VirtualOffice server update

As of this afternoon, we have relocated our VirtualOffice system to a new server.  Using this new server provides us with several advantages and new features.  Most noticeably we have implemented Gustavus Single Sign On for authentication, so if you go to, you will see our “VirtualOffice splash screen” — a quick greeting before you are sent […]

Media Services billing process

A recent number of phone calls with questions about how billing for services works with Media Services has prompted a bit of explanation of what is going on.   First off, Media Services is one of a few departments on campus that does not use the traditional Interdepartmental Invoice system in which an invoice is sent over to the […]

Large format printing overload. . . expect delays

This is a general heads up that Media Services is experiencing a higher than usual number of requests for large format prints.  As the Gustavus Community prepares for the upcoming combined festivities of The Presidential Inauguration, Home Coming, Reunions, Family Weekend, and the Nobel Conference there are greater than usual large requests happening simultaneously in addition to […]