Media Services pricing updates

Posted on August 28th, 2009 by

Effective September 1st 2009, the prices for services rendered will be adjusted due to an increase in the cost of materials and shipping. While it pains us to have to do this, certain services such as Lamination have not had a cost adjustment in roughly 15 years, yet the cost of materials have continued to raise over time (and more rapidly in recent years).

While certain costs will change more than others (the pricing of some items are more out of date than others) we will continue to strive to keep things priced at a point that covers the cost of materials without adding the overhead costs that are associated with going off campus. In other words you will have a tough time finding anyone who can do what we do, for the cost that we do it for. That is our service to you.

In order to prevent substantial jumps in pricing in the future, our prices will be adjusted more frequently, and the current and correct price will be available online in our VirtualOffice to authenticated Gustavus users.

To view the updated/current pricing, please visit and navigate to the “Production” tab, you will find a link in the menu on the left.


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