Media Services’ Fall Training Schedule

Posted on August 27th, 2009 by

Prior to the start of each academic year, the Media Services Office conducts training for returning student works and student supervisors. This is done so we can provide the best service to those that we serve with the resources we have available. Given the fact that the Media Services Office is only staffed by one full time position, the means that while in training sessions, our office will not be open since all available staff will be in training (kind of difficult to be in two places at once).

Individuals who require assistance during our training times should first visit the Media Services VirtualOffice to see if their request can be submitted on line. If your request can not be made online, then you are encouraged to contact Matt Dobosenski via email and an appointment will be set up.

Media Services training begins Tuesday, September 1st and will continue through Saturday, September 5th. During this time, 4PM-5PM is reserved as a walk-in office hour for those individuals who need to drop things off or pick things up. Please plan accordingly.

The Media Services Office will be closed Sunday, September 6th, however we will be open on Monday the 7th as the College is officially open on the Holiday.

Our office follows the College’s standard business hours of M-F, 8 am- 4:45 pm during the academic year unless otherwise posted.


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