VirtualOffice server update

Posted on January 9th, 2009 by

As of this afternoon, we have relocated our VirtualOffice system to a new server.  Using this new server provides us with several advantages and new features.  Most noticeably we have implemented Gustavus Single Sign On for authentication, so if you go to, you will see our “VirtualOffice splash screen” — a quick greeting before you are sent to the Gustavus Single Sign On system (this will eventually go away as the campus grows accustom to using SSO). This means if you log on to Google Calendar, the GTS Toolbox and etc, you will automatically be authenticated on VirtualOffice.  (Likewise, logging in to VirtualOffice will authenticate you on these services as well.)

In addition, we have made some changes to the VirtualOffice home page and reservations system.  We plan to introduce some other new features during the month of January as well.  Keep an eye out for other announcements as we continue to improve our system.

We would appreciate any feedback you may have.  Please tell us your comments, suggestions, or questions. You may post a comment here or use the “provide feedback” link in VirtualOffice.  If you prefer e-mail, do not hesitate to contact us at

Have a great weekend.


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