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There is no doubt that community members are familiar with both the and domains.  The is most commonly used on campus because it is shorter and was established first.  At the same time, Gustavus would like to be known as “Gustavus” and not “GAC” to the outside world, so both exist.  Appropriate server voodoo has happened over the years to generally support either domain interchangeably.  While Media Services generally supports this concept ( and are one in the same), VirtualOffice and your web browser would like to disagree.

Long story short: you should access VirtualOffice by visiting

Here’s why:  VirtualOffice uses an encrypted connection to send web page data to you (and keep your information safe!)  In order to establish a secured connection without your web browser freaking out, the website has to be “” and not “”  If you were to visit “,” your web browser would complain, so we encourage you to come visit us on line at


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