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Posted on August 4th, 2008 by

With summer “break” ending in a month, Media Services is still hard at work on VirtualOffice 6, the successor to our current version.  After using version 5 for over a year and collecting some much-appreciated feedback from students, faculty, and staff on campus, we have learned a great deal about how VirtualOffice helps everyone using our variety of services.  In addition, we’ve found several ways we can improve.

This year, we plan to set up a notification system which sends reservation confirmations and due date reminders to your Gustavus e-mail account. In addition, we are redesigning the check-out system to include a larger variety of our audio-visual equipment, but also to allow for more flexible organization. (For anyone interested, we’re setting up the system such that we track all of our assets in our office by location and barcode — pretty sweet!)

Finally, we are updating the large format printing form to accomodate our new printer and make it easier to select inks and media.  The new upload system will prevent your request from being lost if too many files are uploaded.  We will also be including a quick cost estimator in the near future.

Overall, we are pretty excited for all the changes we are making.  If you have any suggestions for our newest version, please let us know! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


The current version Media Services VirtualOffice can be accessed at (version 6 will become accessible to the public mid August for Public Beta testing at this same address):


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