Event support request form added.

Posted on March 6th, 2008 by

Menu snapshot- Event RequestTis the season (for events). Spring Semester is known (at least in our office) for a high volume of Department and Organization events ranging from guest lecture series, to conferences (Building Bridges, Mayday! etc). Most of these events will require assistance from Media Services in some form or another, so we are working on standardizing how event support requests are submitted to our office to ensure a consistent method of responding and following up on these requests. In the past we have received a wide range of requests in various forms ranging from an informal hallway conversation, or email, to very detailed requests for services that arrive on official letterhead and have been CC’d to half the administrative council. The two main problems we were having is that these requests were coming in last minute (making it difficult to align resources with the needs), and the details being provided were often incomplete (believe it or not people have asked for help, and failed to indicate when and where they need the help).

This new form is located within the Media Services Virtual Office. You can access this system by going to http://mediaservices.gac.edu (you might want to bookmark this location as there are many other useful features located here also). You will be redirected to a secure log in page. The log in credentials are the same as your Gustavus username and password (so the same as email). Once you log in, the Campus Menu on the left has a link for “Event Support Request” (see image to the right).


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